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“Does wisdom perhaps appear on the earth as a raven

 which is inspired by the smell of carrion”  installation

 - Edgar Allan Poe

        This installation started from a place of personal uncertainty, fear, a feeling of futures
        and passions lost, and ultimately a feeling of complete disengagement with life around

        me. The premise for this exhibition was working through and exploring concepts of

        disease, life, afterlife, time and future time as a reaction to personal health issues

        and trauma.

                       This body of work is an imagining of a future wasteland.

                     A future that has been pushed so far that the very humanity

                                  has become distorted in the process

        I began looking at ideas of health, the physical body, and death. Through trauma in my

        family and my own health no longer being guaranteed, I was forced to grapple with the                         installation

        reality of my own mortality. This led me on an exploration of concepts of the soul; how
        mythologically birds often played roles in dealing with the soul or in death and creation.

        The bird being a harbinger for the soul.

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